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IS DepartmentOur mission in the Information Systems Department is to use technology to enchance the delivery of County government services and data to each county office and to the citizens of Taney County.

The Taney County Information Systems Department is responsible for providing enhanced computer services to all Taney County Departments. We also provide services to the citizens of Taney County in the form of data distribution.

Some of our duties include handling maintenance and trouble calls from county offices and employees concerning hardware and software problems, and solving those problems in a timely and cost efficient manner. In addition to these duties, we also design, install and maintain all aspects of Taney County's Local and Wide area networks, including the interfacing and integration of all systems, upgrades, security, management of user accounts, website development and maintenance, internet access and local area network and internet e-mail services. We also maintain most of the county's various databases, including upgrade and revision support.

We also are heavily involved in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program. This technology is an exciting addition to the process of accurately processing and displaying county data. to learn more about this program.

We spend any free time in research and evaluation of new equipment and technologies, in order to keep Taney County's computer systems on the leading edge of technology.

Our mission is accomplished in a spirit of partnership and cooperation with all Taney County Offices and Departments.

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P.O. Box 1569 - Forsyth, MO 65653
16317 US HWY 160 Suite C - Forsyth, MO 65653

(417) 546-7210 | Fax: (417) 546-2058
Marc Rys
Geographic IS
Patsy Alexander
GIS Manager
Tonja Friend
GIS Technician
Information Systems
Joe Blackerby
Webmaster / Security
Chris Eckhoff
Help Desk Technician
Steve Martin
Help Desk Technician
Shawn McKinley
Systems Analyst / Web App Developer
Melissa Trotter
Database Manager
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