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Personal Property Tax Questions and Answers:

When are my taxes due?
All taxes are due by December 31st of the year they are assessed. The postmark on the envelope determines the date mailed. RSMo. 139.100

Why is my tax bill so high?
The amount of tax you owe each year is based on the value of the vehicles you owned on January 1 of that year. The value of each vehicle is established by the Taney County Assessor using a standard rate book. The assessed value of each vehicle can be found on your statement.

Why is my tax bill higher than my friend's tax bill?
The amount of tax you owe is based on the value of your vehicles, not on the number of vehicles. It is common for a person with one expensive vehicle to owe more tax than someone with several less expensive vehicles. Also, tax bills vary by the taxing district that you live in based upon their levy.

Why am I being taxed for a vehicle I no longer own?
The amount of tax you owe is based on the vehicles you owned on January 1 of that year. Regardless of whether you no longer own those vehicles or whether you have purchased new vehicles, your tax is based on what vehicles you owned on January 1.

May I pay my personal and real estate taxes with one check?
Yes, but make sure to add them correctly and send the exact amount due. The Collector's office cannot accept payments for the wrong amount. If you send your statement we will return it stamped paid. If you do not send your statement, you must write the account number you wish to pay on the check and then a paid receipt will be sent to you.

How do I avoid paying late fees?
Please be sure that your payment is postmarked no later than December 31. Payments postmarked after December 31 will be returned unless late fees are included. State law requires us to go by the postmark.

Do I owe taxes although I am no longer a Missouri resident?
Yes. By state law, your tax obligation is established on January 1
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